Format Aside

Finally worked out all the kinks (I hope!) for the background image morning-day-evening-nighttime transitions that have been plaguing me recently. A small victory but I’ll take what I can get! I’ll post a video in a day or two showing how cool it looks with the new layout.

Nothing else major to report yet. Progress this week has mainly been javascript bug fixing related.

Championship Competitions

I have been thinking a lot about Competitions too. I want to have some kind of weekly Challenge. Something you could make progress on throughout the week with Championships on the weekend or some such thing. The ideas are still rolling around in my head right now, but I like the idea of perhaps needing to earn X number of points each day to enter the weekend Championship. I’m not sure yet if the competitions would be special events separate from the player created ones (probably), or allow players to create their own. Maybe once players master all the competition courses they could create these special qualifier events. Running a Championship Qualifier Competition (thats what I might call these) could be an honor, something to make a big deal about that would earn more points, with a higher purse. A long running qualifier (one that’s been recreated many times) would have a higher Prestige, with perhaps a higher added purse too. Prestige isn’t something I’ve talked about much yet but Farms and Competitions will eventually have Prestige ratings. Higher Prestige ratings would be reflected in the players Overall Score. Overall Score is something else I haven’t spoke much about but it’s going to be a single numerical value to represent your success/progress within the game. It’ll be another leaderboard added in the future with perhaps prizes to the top players each month. That is something I’ll write more about in the future. For now I’m going to continue thinking about these Championships and how I might integrate them into the game. Competitions are one big aspect of the game getting an overhaul with this update I’m working on.