Preview: New Horse Profile Layout

The new horse profile layout design is just about finished. There are still some aspects to get updated but we are excited to share a preview of the layout with you now. The new layout will be online within the next few weeks. We’ll post more about this as we’re closer to the date.

Key Features of the New Layout

  • Optimized for mobile/smart phones (better responsive layout)
  • Added “Horse Potential” value which is a single numerical summary of the horse stats. I won’t give out too much information about this just yet but it’s designed to be used alongside the Breeders Report and Conformation Evaluation in determining your best horses
  • Moved Training onto the main page, instead of its own tab, and simplified the interface. Now you’ll get a preview of the effects your particular training options will have before you actually train the horse.
  • Added a Recent History box which will display the most immediate history of the horse including Competitions, Training, Breeding etc.
  • Accomplishments are moved to a side box with room for Ribbons to be displayed. Ribbons can be won in competitions once the feature is enabled.
  • Equipment/Wearables will be displayed in summary form in a side box. Owners will have a link here to add/remove wearables from a horse. Some wearables will give bonuses to stats.
  • Genetic Testing is a side div which will display the results of tests the horse has had. Owners will a link to test their horses.
  • Stabling has been moved to a side div and will indicate the current pasture quality and also link directly to the pasture and farm the pasture is within.
  • Feeding has been greatly simplified and moved to a side div. Now all you’ll have to choose isĀ which feeds to give a horse, and what percentage. The total intake will be a fixed amount, and the percentage does not need to equal 100% in the case that you’d like your horse to eat more or less than the fixed amount.
New Horse Profile page layout
New Horse Profile page layout (Click for larger)

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