New Layout and Bug Fixes

New Layout and Bug Fixes

There are a lot of changes and bug fixes coming with the next game update. We don’t have a release date as of yet for this next version but I wanted to share the progress with you. We make progress every day but you guys don’t get to hear about it too often. So this blog is where we can share what we’re working on.

New Layout

The most obvious change is an update to the game’s layout. The header colour has been changed to transparent to give the whole site a more “open” feeling. We’ve replaced the page-width progress bar for player level with  a smaller bar located within the header. An icon has been created for the Next Day button so it fits in better with the design. The current Season and Year will be listed in the header now. So you’ll have an idea how old your farm is. Some of you have some really old farms!

The responsiveness of the header has been fixed as well so it should show up better on mobile devices. As a result the header information has been duplicated in the side bar and will only be visible on smaller screen resolutions. You’ll also notice that the icons on the left side navigation menu have been updated for a consistent look.

Farm Updates

There are some updates to the farm view then have been completed including:

  • Decorations within pastures and barns can be flipped horizontally
  • Adding decorations will now add them to the center of the view you’re actively looking at, instead of the far left corner
  • Decorations can be returned to your inventory assuming you have enough room
  • Stall elements can also be returned to your inventory which also means…
  • Now you can return your barns and pastures to your inventory once the horses and decorations are all removed
  • The HTML editor for your page has been updated so you can now use the Add Image button properly
  • HTML changes, new farm name, new farm logo changes will show up on your farm layout immediately without a page refresh now


Competitions will be getting the next overhaul. You’ll be able to search for specific events and level. This update is in progress but not completed yet. I’ll post more as I have more to share.


Thats all for now. Check back here once in a while and we’ll have more to share with you and thanks for playing!


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