Layout Updates: Feeding System

Probably the hardest aspect of the new layout is simplifying the feeding system so it’s easy, intuitive and informative. So of course that’s what I picked to work on first!¬†It’s nearly finished, only a couple more bugs to iron out, including one I discovered at the end of the these preview videos.

Key Changes of the Feeding System

  • Everything is moved into a small box right on the main profile, instead of it’s own whole section¬†everything is open to the public so players can help each other with feeding settings
  • Instead of choosing both a percentage of feed and a total weight now all you need to do is choose how much of the horses energy will come from each food (percentage)
  • If you keep your horses total feed at 100% he’ll maintain his current weight (assuming you don’t exceed the max intake values for both maintenance and training)
  • Protein, Fiber and Sugar are now displayed as progress bars with a blue line indicating the needs of that particular horse
  • The previous Maintenance/Training progress bar has been replaced with a simple table showing the max kg the horse can eat, as well as how much he’ll need to eat to reach the owners chosen energy percentage
  • New “Weight Gain Mix” feed added to help your hard keeps gain some weight
  • An extensive Help Section has been written alongside the development so it’ll be ready right from the start


Preview Videos

The new Help Section is displayed at the end of the first video. Most other sections of the page are incomplete currently.