Private Sales are coming soon

So, I locked myself out of this blog accidentally. It hasn’t been a priority to fix it but I did finally get around to fixing it so I could actually update everyone about whats going on.

Private Sales

Firstly, and most importantly, Private Sales are on the way! This is probably the single most requested feature, aside from more white patterns. The coding is nearly complete. You can place an offer, edit an offer, cancel your offer, decline an offer you’ve received and partially accept an offer. The actual transfer of the horse is the piece that is not finished yet but it’ll just connect into existing code so it should be an easy task.

Offer Controls

Since time doesn’t go at the same pace for every user you can control how longer your offer is valid for. That way you don’t place an offer on a yearling and end up with a retired horse!

Updated button control
Offer panel showing existing offers from other players as well.

Front End Polish

The pages don’t refresh the view automatically yet, that part of the code (the javascript) isn’t written yet either, well it partially is but not enough. I’m hoping to have everything ready for testing by the weekend and if all goes well we should see the updates live shortly afterwards.


Layout Updates: Feeding System

Probably the hardest aspect of the new layout is simplifying the feeding system so it’s easy, intuitive and informative. So of course that’s what I picked to work on first! It’s nearly finished, only a couple more bugs to iron out, including one I discovered at the end of the these preview videos.

Key Changes of the Feeding System

  • Everything is moved into a small box right on the main profile, instead of it’s own whole section everything is open to the public so players can help each other with feeding settings
  • Instead of choosing both a percentage of feed and a total weight now all you need to do is choose how much of the horses energy will come from each food (percentage)
  • If you keep your horses total feed at 100% he’ll maintain his current weight (assuming you don’t exceed the max intake values for both maintenance and training)
  • Protein, Fiber and Sugar are now displayed as progress bars with a blue line indicating the needs of that particular horse
  • The previous Maintenance/Training progress bar has been replaced with a simple table showing the max kg the horse can eat, as well as how much he’ll need to eat to reach the owners chosen energy percentage
  • New “Weight Gain Mix” feed added to help your hard keeps gain some weight
  • An extensive Help Section has been written alongside the development so it’ll be ready right from the start


Preview Videos

The new Help Section is displayed at the end of the first video. Most other sections of the page are incomplete currently.



Preview: New Horse Profile Layout

The new horse profile layout design is just about finished. There are still some aspects to get updated but we are excited to share a preview of the layout with you now. The new layout will be online within the next few weeks. We’ll post more about this as we’re closer to the date.

Key Features of the New Layout

  • Optimized for mobile/smart phones (better responsive layout)
  • Added “Horse Potential” value which is a single numerical summary of the horse stats. I won’t give out too much information about this just yet but it’s designed to be used alongside the Breeders Report and Conformation Evaluation in determining your best horses
  • Moved Training onto the main page, instead of its own tab, and simplified the interface. Now you’ll get a preview of the effects your particular training options will have before you actually train the horse.
  • Added a Recent History box which will display the most immediate history of the horse including Competitions, Training, Breeding etc.
  • Accomplishments are moved to a side box with room for Ribbons to be displayed. Ribbons can be won in competitions once the feature is enabled.
  • Equipment/Wearables will be displayed in summary form in a side box. Owners will have a link here to add/remove wearables from a horse. Some wearables will give bonuses to stats.
  • Genetic Testing is a side div which will display the results of tests the horse has had. Owners will a link to test their horses.
  • Stabling has been moved to a side div and will indicate the current pasture quality and also link directly to the pasture and farm the pasture is within.
  • Feeding has been greatly simplified and moved to a side div. Now all you’ll have to choose is which feeds to give a horse, and what percentage. The total intake will be a fixed amount, and the percentage does not need to equal 100% in the case that you’d like your horse to eat more or less than the fixed amount.
New Horse Profile page layout
New Horse Profile page layout (Click for larger)
Format Aside

Finally worked out all the kinks (I hope!) for the background image morning-day-evening-nighttime transitions that have been plaguing me recently. A small victory but I’ll take what I can get! I’ll post a video in a day or two showing how cool it looks with the new layout.

Nothing else major to report yet. Progress this week has mainly been javascript bug fixing related.

Championship Competitions

I have been thinking a lot about Competitions too. I want to have some kind of weekly Challenge. Something you could make progress on throughout the week with Championships on the weekend or some such thing. The ideas are still rolling around in my head right now, but I like the idea of perhaps needing to earn X number of points each day to enter the weekend Championship. I’m not sure yet if the competitions would be special events separate from the player created ones (probably), or allow players to create their own. Maybe once players master all the competition courses they could create these special qualifier events. Running a Championship Qualifier Competition (thats what I might call these) could be an honor, something to make a big deal about that would earn more points, with a higher purse. A long running qualifier (one that’s been recreated many times) would have a higher Prestige, with perhaps a higher added purse too. Prestige isn’t something I’ve talked about much yet but Farms and Competitions will eventually have Prestige ratings. Higher Prestige ratings would be reflected in the players Overall Score. Overall Score is something else I haven’t spoke much about but it’s going to be a single numerical value to represent your success/progress within the game. It’ll be another leaderboard added in the future with perhaps prizes to the top players each month. That is something I’ll write more about in the future. For now I’m going to continue thinking about these Championships and how I might integrate them into the game. Competitions are one big aspect of the game getting an overhaul with this update I’m working on.

New Layout and Bug Fixes

There are a lot of changes and bug fixes coming with the next game update. We don’t have a release date as of yet for this next version but I wanted to share the progress with you. We make progress every day but you guys don’t get to hear about it too often. So this blog is where we can share what we’re working on.

New Layout

The most obvious change is an update to the game’s layout. The header colour has been changed to transparent to give the whole site a more “open” feeling. We’ve replaced the page-width progress bar for player level with  a smaller bar located within the header. An icon has been created for the Next Day button so it fits in better with the design. The current Season and Year will be listed in the header now. So you’ll have an idea how old your farm is. Some of you have some really old farms!

The responsiveness of the header has been fixed as well so it should show up better on mobile devices. As a result the header information has been duplicated in the side bar and will only be visible on smaller screen resolutions. You’ll also notice that the icons on the left side navigation menu have been updated for a consistent look.

Farm Updates

There are some updates to the farm view then have been completed including:

  • Decorations within pastures and barns can be flipped horizontally
  • Adding decorations will now add them to the center of the view you’re actively looking at, instead of the far left corner
  • Decorations can be returned to your inventory assuming you have enough room
  • Stall elements can also be returned to your inventory which also means…
  • Now you can return your barns and pastures to your inventory once the horses and decorations are all removed
  • The HTML editor for your page has been updated so you can now use the Add Image button properly
  • HTML changes, new farm name, new farm logo changes will show up on your farm layout immediately without a page refresh now


Competitions will be getting the next overhaul. You’ll be able to search for specific events and level. This update is in progress but not completed yet. I’ll post more as I have more to share.


Thats all for now. Check back here once in a while and we’ll have more to share with you and thanks for playing!